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Fishers Carpet Cleaning Company also specializes in pet odor removal and pet odor control. Here we explain our process of our stain and odor removal.

Owner and Dog Fishers Carpet Cleaning Pet Stains


The first thing we do to identify exactly where the odor is coming from. This isn’t as easy as you might think since pet odors don’t always accompany stains. To help us in our pet odor removal effort, we use special equipment that highlights the source of odors.

Specific Pre-Treatment

The second thing we do is pre-treat detected areas with a specific formula designed to break the odor’s bonding. This allows us to remove a significant amount of urine. At Fishers Carpet Cleaning Company, we completely flush out the affected areas with the best odor eliminating formulas on the market today. Everything we use is earth, people and pet friendly too!

Special Enzyme

The third thing we do is treat the area with a special enzyme that will attack any remaining odor particles. This enzyme destroys the molecular structure of urine and it literally eats it away.

The entire pet odor removal process removes both urine and its odor.

 Fishers Carpet Cleaning before and after pet stains photo

BEST PART… Pet spots are FREE!

That’s right we said FREE PET SPOT REMOVAL! No nickel and dime techniques, no fine print, gimmicks, tricks or hoops to jump through… just good, solid carpet cleaning at the best price anywhere in Fishers and all surrounding areas. Fishers Carpet Cleaning Company will beat any legitimate carpet cleaners advertised offer for same service! We guarantee it!
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